On procrastination

I have been mulling, ruminating, vacillating; thinking, out loud, in the normal fashion, consciously and sub-consciously….procrastinating

How do I start?     Why do I start?     What is the purpose?


The purpose of this blog…

… is to craft a level of discipline …

…. is to offer the opportunity to be mindful … and to see my thoughts outside my head…

….. is to see how I belong to my surroundings – what links me to others, what links others to me.

…… is to offer an insight into those things that connect each of us – those commonalities that make us human.


I have, for a long while, believed that I could somehow change the world – make an impact that is positive…take people along on the journey with me.

It sounds ludicrous even saying such a thing…

But I have developed a habit that has seen me living well inside the boundaries of my potential life…this habit involves a small voice and the terms “ludicrous” being bandied about….


Procrastinate : to defer action, to delay.


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