On the point just after ‘the beginning’…

It’s been a week now since I returned from an intensive 1.5 day coaching session – a psychological ‘stretch’ … and now the day-to-day is starting to rub the ‘shine’ off a little….. and the world seems very big again….and I seem very small…

I’m currently reading “Renegade Collective”. I love the magazine – possibly as much for the tag line as for the inspiration : game-changers | thought leaders | rule breakers | style makers …

The link to the line? My established collective of like-minded industry leaders is called “Thought-leaders, Innovators and Game-changers” … not only does it remind me that I may not be so far from left field (in an industry that makes me think sometimes that I am) but that the hyphenate is my friend …

… where everyone has “taken a risk”/ “followed their dream” / been “bold”, “brave” / set themselves apart …

At the end of this particular day – my question is : what is my equivalent?


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