And now…to work…

If this be a map – it will at first show the goat track of flimsy ideas, the turns away and the interest-inspiring perseverance points; later the unquestionably-existent path in a direction that impassions … fascinates …

fascinate (v) : to attract and hold attentively by a unique power … unusual nature, or some other special quality; enthral ; to arouse the interest or curiosity of…

So – to work … what resonates with me? piques interest? impassions?

The Renegade Collective : words & ideas that resonate; that fascinate

  1. impact – daring + disruptive – positive change – leader.
  2. alternatives to the current way of doing things ; alternatives that reduce the negative impact; an    increasing awareness of negative impact.
  3. food – world food program – food as culture – food businesses as social fabrics.
  4. authenticity – purity of ideal – philosophical alignment.
  5. collaboration – human connection – connection between not-for-profits and commercial businesses.
  6. environmental, social and economic sustainability are not mutually exclusive goals; the nascent environmental consciousness of the 1980s – where are the equivalent first shoots of social consciousness?

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