My self …

Synchronicity – a meaningful coincidence of outer and inner events that are not themselves connected…

Outer events : those physical events that punctuate the every day.  Inner events : those ideas that eddy around the borders of the subconscious.

When one genuinely turns to the inner world and tries to know themselves, not by ruminating about thoughts and feelings, but, by following instincts of an objective nature – such as dreams – then the self emerges and the ego will find an inner power that offers all the possibilities of renewal.

C Jung – paraphrased

The theory of synchronicity – a theory that coincidence is not just that; that a, seemingly unconnected, meaningful thought and an equally meaningful, though singular, event are, in fact, connected …


Two weeks ago I read a magazine review of a book that captured my attention. Three days after that, I bought the book on a whim, during a clandestinely-long lunch break that turned into a half-day mental health reprieve requiring literature.

One week ago I read Chapter Three of “The Artist’s Way”. A broad brush was applied to deliver Jung’s theory of synchronicity. The brush strokes were thick but the idea-seed was finely delivered.

Today, at page 248 of “A Reunion of Ghosts”, the two-week old book delivered Jung’s theory in fictional form …

… down the rabbit hole …


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