being human being …

Passion – precision – taking risks : elements that are quintessentially human.

Food … good food; food that sparks conversations and incites sharing – this kind of food needs risks to be taken, it needs a spirit that is open.

It also needs focus – it requires deft hands working with purpose; but the purpose isn’t mechanically required, it isn’t industrially inspired …

good food needs deft hands working with a purpose that is valued and understood in the context of ‘being human’.

Good food requires an artistic ability to play without frontiers, to mentally gambol, to physically experiment; and then a discipline to corral imaginings into an impressionist painting and the discipline again to take the idea painting and, with deft hands, execute.

Good food : wild imaginings + focussed discipline + appreciation of art + respect for product and person.

@ Gauge – Henry St, Brisbane, Australia


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