Beauty …

… in the eye of the beholder …

Why write on such a subject? I’m sure that it’s been done before … or that it’s too narrow … or…insert negative thought here…

because beauty nourishes the soul and I crave it; like food … or froth on a cappuccino.

because we live in a world so fast that beauty is missed or overlooked and I want to not overlook and to introduce others.

because the value that we create is measured in numbers and this value – economic value – while an easy measurement, does not tell the true story of worth and I want to be involvement in the real and truthful.

… …

At times it feels as if beauty is superfluous – but it is the one thing that takes breath, that inspires and sparks, that nourishes at a fibrous level.

Living is possible without beauty – but the human being will live with the discordant notion of “something missing” and have an intimate knowledge of a life less generous … grey-washed days.




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