“Just because”…

also known as the “aesthetic attitude” – the state of contemplating a subject with no other purpose other than appreciating it; a state where there is no ‘point’ other than enjoyment … The appreciation of beauty according to some takes place in this attitude.

And the attitude can be attained …

If ‘attitude’ is, in this case, a state of mind, can one ‘attain’ an aesthetic attitude? Should such a noun be ‘obtained’, ‘realised’ or ‘developed’? 

And the attitude can be realised … through use of the five senses …

or six depending on whether you remember the movie  …

as well as through imagination (finding joy in an imagined scenario) or through intellect (solving a complex logic puzzle).

So theoretically, I could realise an aesthetic attitude through contemplation of art, the reading of beautiful prose, the smelling of a rose or the simple imagining of a piece of art that I may create …


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