1+1 = 2 …

Walking up the hill.

The left – skinny-leg, high waisted; cropped shirt escaping black belt.

An autumn day in Summer.

The right – low-slung, Saturday-comfortable; falling-from-shoulders t skimming cotton boxers.

Visible personal space; protected tangible – protected intangible.

An arm, the left, hesitates – swings in-step – hesitates – moves.

One space and one space coalesce into one space.

A hand, the left, brushes shoulder blade, the right.

A leg, the left, steps to the left – a shoulder, the right, twitches … imperceptible each – palpable whole.

The hand drops … limp … unsure …

… resumes in-step.

One space and one space …

walking up the hill …






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