A Sensible Image

“Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the infinite” G. Bancroft

“The infinite”…limitless…boundary-less… a forever expanse…


… question mark …

I think that I can imagine infinite – but I suspect that, if I were faced with it, ‘infinite’ would wholly, completely and totally overwhelm.



Because just by the virtue of being human, my brain is focussed on survival, on finding food, shelter and then, if Tinder defies expectation, attempting to ensure continuation of the species … it is wired for detail; it tries to create certainty, it attempts to regulate and create patterns and habits that by their very existence, soothe.

‘Infinite’ is general, uncertain and amorphous … infinite is the limitless possibility, the limitless layers … the illimitable


If the infinite has this potential to wholly, completely and totally overwhelm; to submerge and short circuit, then possibly a small dose, or “sensible image” is all that can be afforded without risk…

“A sensible image” … a comprehensible image… one that can be contemplated by the mind – bite-sized …


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