The beach …

Three feet high, limb-control under development … Pampers-round, elasticised denim – blond curls, instinctive smile …

Too big for one hand, a muffin … muffins should never be too big for one hand … pulled in both directions. A chunk, held in a small fist – molded by stronger force, a fragment missile.

The gulls swoop, land, stilt-walk; risk-limiting distance from feet; loss-limiting distance from food.

Left arm straight – perpendicular – left fist tight. Robotic angularity – elbow straightens, wrist tenses, arm levers forward; fist releases, expulsion …

Skirmish – a muffin-crumb meal

Laughter gurgle; involuntary forward step …

Fear – flight …


Sweet remnants from feeding birds.


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