What would Plato say? #1

That there is an objective good.

It can be known; it is objectively real. It is realised not because one wants to realise it, but because it is knowable and good and the world moves inexorably toward both.

Objective knowns. Absolutes. Ideals.

The Beauty Ideal.


One can recognise beautiful things.

Uninhibited colour – the anger of a winter sea – a fragrant rose – a well-crafted sentence – Champagne bubbles – a downy peach – the moment before the sun disappears … 

Recognition is the first step to knowledge and to an understanding of the ideal; it requires the tangible, the visible – the eyes.

the second step is identifying the pattern, the commonality; taking this step requires logic, intelligent thought – the brain.

… and a knowledge of Beauty is understood when the whole, the abstract concept, is grasped; requiring the mind … and possibly the soul.

There is evidence of Beauty in the visible – but knowledge of Beauty is conceptual.




  1. Sylvia, J  http://www.philosophymatters.org/2012/05/what-is-beauty/  – May, 2012
  2. Rose, W (editor) – An Outline of Modern Knowledge – 1931



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