We do not see things as they are …

… we see them as we are.



This tree-lined arcade … full of the possible or foreboding?

It all depends on what I imagine to be at the end … and whether or not I believe in the superstitions that surround black cats…

It depends on my narrative; the stories that I tell myself.

My reality is also determined by my narrative …

I’m too tired. I’m not good enough. I don’t take chances. People will laugh at me. I am asking for too much. This will not change the world. This will not change anything. This is pointless …

I feel tired – but this is important. If I keep practising, I’ll get better. Let’s give it a whirl. This is what I deserve. This might change my world. This will change something. This is fun … that’s enough point.

I choose door #2 thanks Bob.


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