Why do I write?

There has to be a purpose … yes?

What do I want to do with my writing ??? This question is mulled over, pulled apart, pondered, reviewed … wondered at … … why do I want to write?

I like it … I like playing with words …

That’s enough … … … is that enough ???

There are already too many words in the world – why add to them unless they’re going to be of value …

So what is value? What do I want to do with my words?

If I want to write – what do I want write about? What do I want to encourage? Thought – information seeking – curiosity – questions…

I want to empower people to make the best choice possible. I want to highlight those making the best choice possible to encourage others to do the same. I want to investigate some of the choices being made and ask questions about them.

In my head – this is pointless – this will get boring – no-one will read this …

Humans doing ‘good’; with an emphasis on food and sustainability and  agriculture and beauty and philosophy … nourishment for body and soul …

Month-long themes … where, in combination, the articles of the month contribute to answer the what – the why – the where – the how – – – and the for whom …

How to pick a theme?



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