Interesting Conversation #000

A Year 12 ritual, circa 1995, saw over 60 girls buy small notebooks that, over the course of the final term, would act as repositories for inked memories, best wishes for wider futures and quotes intended to clarify life’s mysteries.

On Saturday, I found the book – mid-90’s in both look and feel; photograph that doubled as a cover, black spine, red rose the only colour … a small notebook that identified its owner as ‘whimsical’ … or, rather, an owner who wanted to be seen as whimsical … and a little ‘artsier’ than the then-current perception.

On the left-hand page – half way through the book I found what I was looking for … the words left by my Modern European history teacher  – Mrs Farrell – ‘double ‘r’, double ‘l’ … familiar cursive even after two decades …

She wished me “millions more interesting conversations” …


I’ve been searching for a blog purpose … a reason for its being … I can’t write for no-one; ‘just me’ is not a wide enough audience … my inner critic requires more.

And while mulling the purpose, I couldn’t shake the idea of “millions more interesting conversations” … and the thought, today, was unshakeable …


So I’m going to run with it for a while …

… write about the conversations that I have, or that I overhear – the ideas that they spur – the perspectives that they give …



One thought on “Interesting Conversation #000

  1. Inspirational teachers are always remembered no matter how long ago. I always like to listen to music when I am reminded of an event, phrase, thought etc.
    This song is also known as “Conversations”

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