But animals…

What makes us think the way that we do?

We are pattern-reliant machines … we believe even in the absence of data and proof… we believe even when the belief is contradicted by data and proof.

… the brain searches for, and finds, patterns – it wants things to match with ‘the known’ (conformity bias) … Clouds are masses of water vapour … and yet we see patterns – images – outlines …


… there is a predisposition to rely in information that is easier to process, information that is easier to recall … in essence, information that we have seen or heard or come into contact with before (availability heuristic) …

I rely on information that is congruous with information that I have accepted, or been introduced to before …

… sub-consciously, the brain categorises based on subtle, or not-so-subtle cues … (representativeness heuristic) …

The black-pant-wearing, clipboard carrying 19year-old, standing in front of the rows of Chux Superwipes and homebrand ‘household wipes’ is mistaken for a supermarket employee – she fits the stereotype that my brain has stored – 1 + 1 equalling 2, I ask where the cinnamon is …


The brain is like a Lean production analyst – the focus is process efficiency; achieved when reliable short-cuts are identified and implemented.

Readily-accessible,  loosely applicable information = a short-cut a potentially laborious decision-making process.

Information is acquired through life – through experience. The information with which we surround ourselves shapes the way that we see the world in which we live and how we behave and react in it.

The broader the experience – the more questions …

… and regardless, the short-cuts remain … the only way to function …

While we pride ourselves on something completely the opposite, truth appears to side with idea that we are mere animals with a thick veneer that includes black pants and clipboards.




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