The right way …

I keep thinking that there’s a way of doing things …

More precisely a right way of doing things … and a wrong way – seen in hindsight … when the outcome is neither expected nor desired …

Right / wrong … black / white … good / bad …

I want the world to be simpler; I want a common understanding of these basics at least.

I know that it can’t be; I know that there won’t be.

Because a defined version of these concepts exists in individual heads. ‘Right’ has been personally defined by me.

And that definition is one that has not even been created by me but that has been shaped by the world that has surrounded me since birth – my parents, extended family, friends, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, books, media, high school teachers, friends, university lecturers and tutors, colleagues, the internet, magazines, one-off conversations, media, friends, colleagues, conference speakers, articles, books, tribes …


The definition of right, wrong, good, bad, black and white – is individually mine …

And a different definition of the same words is individually yours.

And these definitions may share commonalities – but will not be identical.

So what?

In identifying something as ‘right’ – I am judging according only to one definition – using a definition that has been undiscerningly adopted.

What if there is no ‘right way’ – but ‘the way that I did it’.





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