Trust …

At the beginning of my career everything and everyone was positive – the potential hurdles were invisible – my Pollyanna-like penchant for believing that “what people say is what they do” was not eyebrow-raise-worthy.

Where I am now, the shellacked sheen has been rubbed to a duller glow … personalities have trumped ideologies …

Tonight I was told that someone that I trusted – not completely, but more than I do a stranger – was not trustworthy …

In his defence – his words were not unanticipated; my self-critical sub-conscious has  imagined them into existence. His personality also not a factor that would offer an obstacle to pettiness – the need to impress offering a tilled and fertile soil for negative comment sprouts.

So, I am not surprised …

but I now question … when to trust? who to trust? can one ‘half-trust’?

I was told the other day that “man is an island”. While not a realisation … the timing of this reminder may be opportune … possibly my ‘self’ is the only entity  to trust wholly and completely and with every molecule.

Then there are those select few that you would trust with life and the lives of others, all the time realising that their actions are their own, driven by an individual perspective.

Then there are ‘others’ … those that act as the catalyst for written thought.





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