Interesting conversation #002 : With and without words

I can’t remember the third.

“Make your body easy – make your body soft – and …”

And it’s not even “Make your body …”

Why can’t I remember – I bookmarked his words  – they were said with a knowledge, a wisdom … a surety that made me stop and take note.

Tell your body … what can be soft – what can be easy …

Still not the right words.

Ask your body … what can be soft? – what can be easy? …

A question … closer.

Gabriel … open-soul. Discovered in the final stages of packing up the day; bags stuffed with filed sheets and towels on their way to the washing machine. I had spent four full minutes in a small car park looking for this casually-indicated business – eventually realising that I had passed it twice.

Headache throb – conscious voice remonstrating logic for not getting more specific directions.

Headache throb – disjointed sentences. Assumptions that “it was too late” being voiced without thought or question.

Eye-contact – direct, open blue-eyed contact.

A conversation without words.

Obvious pain; and Gabriel opened his day’s almost-closed window.

Words …

“Give me five minutes, I’ll get the room ready”

“How is that? It gets cold as soon as the sun’s gone”

“Breathe in … and  then out … through your mouth – feel your body heavy on the table”

Sensations …

The absence – the sensed ‘nothing’ in the space between my skull and palms that hovered without touching.

Muscles taut with impatience – straining to be kneaded and poked.

The calm rolling between two chakra-placed hands.

Ask your body :

What can be easy? What can be soft? 

What can be … ?

Direct eye contact – direct connection – conversations with and without words.


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