Making sense of it all … for others

How do humans communicate?

…or, rather – how do humans communicate well / effectively / influentially ?

… how can we make sense to each other?

I heard Lynne Cazaly speak today at the Future of Leadership (#FOL2016 if you are hashtag-inclined) – talking about this last point …

And now I’m pondering the question …

How do I make sense to you?

Because making sense to others is ultimately how I can influence – guide … lead.

Lynne’s idea (as I understand it) sees sense-making in three parts.

One of the elements below is an absolute necessity in all sense-making operations and each operation requires a minimum of two elements …

  1. Map
  2. Model
  3. Mojo

Start with a map – give context through image.

Where were we, where are we now and where are we going? Sketch directional signposts. How are we going to get there ? Pencil images. What’s stopping us ? Draw a picture.

Leadership Model.jpg


Think about using models … to show what it’s going to look like once you get there … or how you’re going to get there … or to connect ideas …

Again – draw it – don’t tabulate, graph, chart or dot point … doodle, outline, illustrate or render …


And then … harness the mojo

mojo (n) : A magic charm, talisman or spell; influence, especially magic power 

It is the mojo that is the required element …

Because it is interesting … if not beguiling …

… and ‘interesting’ is the step towards connecting …

… and making sense is all about connecting …


We can connect by words … but possibly pictures and emotions are more powerful.


The irony in writing this idea down.


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