Black, white and…


As a child I was fairly sure that the world could be divided quite neatly into two. Things were good or bad. People were my friends or they were not. An answer was right or it was wrong.

Studying law cemented the idea of an adversarial dichotomy …

And after law … still surrounded by a world that condenses  everything into soundbites – extending the myth that there is a clear choice of two …

Black/white, good/bad, right/wrong …

But today – I am surrounded by grey-toned ambiguity.

The only thing that is clear is the fact that everything is unclear.

‘Black’ depends on the eye of the beholder.’Bad’ depends on the moral compass. ‘Right’ depends on education and circumstance.

How to accept that there are no absolutes? How to feel comfortable in uncertainty? How to acknowledge that every path is an unknown one?






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