Notes from Japan #1



I notice her shoes – decorated platform – purple with brushstrokes of pink and yellow – garish; inappropriate for a tourist who wants to explore …

… possibly she doesn’t want to explore.

Partner-connected – resting at the temple step.

Peach-coloured top, sleeveless, shapeless – a contrast to the vehement green of the mossed garden for tourists with 100 yen.

I passed them – then they passed me.

Calves contracted – hesitant gait. He walks alongside, hands free.

His left, her right – almost touching – expectant proximity.

Instinct makes her reach, search.  Fingers stretch …

Connection. Unreciprocated.

The right fingers – explorers of potential.

No response.

The right, persistent and now with purpose, from the front – latching on to the wrist – thumb and forefinger braceleting.

They walk.

Could I be happy with someone who doesn’t want to hold my hand?


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