List-making, -following, -dismissing.

‘Must-do Lists’ – ‘Top 10 things to do’ – ‘Unmissable tours / views / restaurants / galleries /shops / bars’ …

No-one can do everything – not even in one’s own city …

So why the urge regardless?

Because it’s easy.

‘Everything’ is determined by ‘everyone’ … else. No personal responsibility needed.

“You have to do X” – “Don’t miss Y” – “We had the best time at Z”

Everyone has an opinion.

But the only opinion that has any real impact on my life is mine.

I want to say that I am better at following personal preference – but I’m not sure that I am.

I get swept away by the tide that I find myself in …

Many times – but not always.

I’m writing this, sitting in damp stone steps leading to a small shrine on Miyajima Island.

Others are focussed on climbing to the ropeway.

Some are taking pictures as they go; cameras on a 45 degree angle from the base of my stairs for 10 seconds or less.

No-one has ventured up.

It’s peaceful – dense in temperature … and history.

I don’t particularly want to go on the ropeway – the peak is clouded over and I’m enjoying myself where I am.

I’m meant to be where I am.


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