We need a watch that tells us how to breathe …



In 20 minutes the class of 17 had warmed-up, picked up weights, put them down and minute 19 saw us contemplating a section where Pilates and yoga had fused to offer exercise for the core …

Minute 20 saw us accepting the offer.

Minute 20 saw most of us holding our breath to push discomfort into a darker corner.

Imagine if minutes saw …

And our instructor, in reminding us to inhale, landed on the idea of the watch that tells us how, and when,  to breathe.



The watch that tells me if I have been communicated with, or if my heart rate is sufficiently high, or if my sleep was appropriately sound also telling me when to inhale, exhale – reminding me to sustain my own existence.

And while I know that the comment should have included the adjective “properly”

as with all communication, the devil is in the detail.

… it was the catalyst for the thought :

Will there be a point in human evolution where we need to be reminded when to breathe?

Will there come a time when I am so dependent upon something that I attach to my person that I forget to rely on my person?


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