The Plan.


My perfect work day …

… begins and ends at a time that encourages elements other than work. It does not begin and end at the same time every day – it flows according to need, focus and priority.

It is a collage of interesting conversations and goal-orientated action. It is supported by constructive criticism and generous recognition.

It looks forward to travel – to sharing ideas – to speaking in French.

My perfect work space …

… is a place of learning and growth; ideas are rolled, chewed, folded, refined.

There is an assured leader with a stated outcome.

There is a sense of common purpose and single team; there is energy.

There is space for new. There is encouragement of “What If…?” … “What Is It For?”


And the work that I do on this day, in this space …

… empowers communities that produce raw and value added food.

This could mean ensuring that socially responsible practices are developed, followed and valued. It could mean creating connection between the consumer and the producer.

It will mean that the food product is more valued that it was yesterday.

It will mean that the communities that produce the food product are stronger than they were yesterday.

It will mean that consumers have a clearer choice than they did yesterday.

It will not market good – it will do good.


And now to find it.



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