The illusion of control … ?

There is a destined path of goodness for me – my decisions and actions will not affect the end at which I find myself.

Destiny : the inevitability of a future state.


My  decisions and actions determine my future – the end at which I find myself is inevitable given my past decisions and actions and the laws of nature.

Determinism : control over the future only insofar as there is control over current decisions and actions.


Over the past few days I have been told to “go with the flow”; asked to define exactly what I think that I can control; advised to have faith that what is supposed to be is, or will be.

Some days I believe that I am the sole author of my own future. Other days, I look back with the surety of hindsight and see destiny’s hand.

Can I believe in both destiny and determinism? That destiny has a purpose in mind but that the paths leading to this end are multiple, dependent upon my present actions …

In accepting what ‘is’, I feel that I am relinquishing any influence over what will be.

I hold onto the assumption that I have some influence over what will be … to what extent, and to what end, I am not sure.



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