I struggle between needing a reason to find out and asking simply to know.

A need of equal measure.

50  : 50

creative thought : clean logic.

linear : circuitous.

purposeful : just because.

…this blog provides justification for undirected curiosity…


It will also serve as a map of my next steps – in both career and life…

At the age of 30 I pivoted – from my linear, logical, progression-guaranteed, “clean-logic” role as a lawyer to “anything else”. And “anything else”, over the past 6 years, has provided a path “away”…

… but the path “away” … now needs more purpose than just flight.

it needs to lead to something that sings for me;

and it is going to be mapped via this blog; allowing me to track the route; to identify those points at which I choose to ‘pivot’ or to ‘persevere’.

So – we’re still talking ‘curiosity’ … just curiosity with focus …


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